Kiantama’s goal for responsibility is to be a reliable and honest partner to berry pickers, customers and other interest groups as well as to meet the customers’ responsibility assessment criteria. A key goal in responsible business operations is ensuring sustainable development. In practice, being responsible is about taking the needs of interest groups into account and caring for the environment beyond legal requirements. Kiantama strives to promote responsibility in the berry industry by being an active partner and forerunner. Responsibility principles of Kiantama have been published in the Code of Conduct .

Kiantama also takes an active social role in Suomussalmi and Kainuu; the company regularly supports youth sports, for example.

Kiantama is a member of FiBS ry (Finnish Business & Society ry), the leading corporate responsibility network in Finland. The goal of the membership is to create networks, develop the company’s own responsibility work and receive practical tools for the planning and implementation of responsibility measures.

In 2015, Kiantama was awarded the gold level rating in “NutriCert wildcrafting operations” in an independent external audit by Ecocert. The certification concerned the evaluation of the bilberry procurement chain with a focus on the treatment and conditions of foreign pickers.