Kiantama was issued Japanese organic standard jas certificate

Kiantama has processed organic wild forest berries since 1999. Based on an export client’s wish, Kiantama extended its organic certification to Japanese JAS Agricultural standard. The certificate was issued by Control Union. To achieve JAS certification, it was needed to learn Japanese food and organic laws as well as implement new procedures and educate the personnel.

In Japan JAS is highly estimated certificate. Kiantama is knowingly the first Finnish company, who has achieved JAS certification. By certified JAS program, Kiantama tries to find new export customers for organic berry products especially in Japan.

Organic wild berries?

It is not always known, what is the difference between wild forest berries and organic wild berries. Organic certified wild forest berries are picked in organic certified forest areas, which are presented in annually updated organic area maps. Forbidden areas to pick are ex. fertilized forests and road banks. Organic processing is continuously controlled, and traceability is better than that of conventional wild forest berries.

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Vernu Vasunta


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Riitta Ryyti

Food Safety and Quality Manager