Kiantama has strong experience in versatile berry processing. Kiantama Oy was founded in 1973 to do picking, processing and supplying of wild berries to the food industry. Kainuu is a good location for a berry company, as most of Finland’s berries are picked in Kainuu. Kainuu has long and lively tradition of wild berry picking and processing.

Kiantama’s production is focused on wild berries and products processed from them. They are valued raw products for both domestic and international food and health supplement industries. The core idea of our operations is focusing on the safety of raw materials and final products and preserving nutritional values and natural taste and color. We constantly develop the processing systems, and we also try to utilize the valuable sidestreams of raw materials as carefully as possible. The production undergoes meticulous quality control and is carried out in accordance with the certified Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000.

Values and mission

Our basic values are purity, wholesomeness, fairness, reliability and closeness to nature.

All our operations comply with the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility and we are a reliable partner in interest group relations. We operate and process products with respect towards nature and the majority of the raw material we use consists of berries handpicked from the clean forests of northern Finland.

Mission: We aim to offer people an abundance and variety of healthy berries throughout the year.

Kiantama Oy has been a registered producer of organic products since 1999 and has the right to use the EU organic logo in its ORGANIC products.

All of our products are available in organic quality, depending on the availability of the raw material.


For Kiantama, responsibility is a comprehensive method of operation which ensures the continuity of operations and sustainable development. Kiantama Oy follows the social responsibility guidance provided by the ISO 26000 -standard.

Responsibility includes primarily personnel wellbeing, ensuring the economic continuity of the company, product safety, human rights, environmental issues as well as the ethics and transparency of the berry procurement chain. Kiantama’s principles of responsibility have been listed in our Code of Conduct.

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Acquiring the berries

Most of our raw materials are purchased from Finland through our own purchasing organization. The wild berries mainly used by Kiantama in terms of quantity are bilberry and lingonberry. In addition, cloudberries, mountain bilberries and rowanberries are purchased. Among cultivated berries, blackcurrant and redcurrant are also purchased from Finnish producers. We also purchase, e.g. sea buckthorn berries, black chokeberries and wild cranberries.

Every year, Kiantama has several open purchase points in the Kainuu and Koillismaa area, where the organic certified areas are located. Kiantama also invites hundreds of foreign berry pickers to come and pick berries during the season.